Farris SMPIV PSV Engineering Software

SizeMaster Mark IV

Pressure Relief Valve Engineering Software

Farris Engineering’s SizeMaster™ Mark IV pressure relief valve engineering software for Windows® 95 or later and Windows NT® 4.0 brings unprecedented integration of standard engineering practice to the job of sizing and selecting pressure relief valves.

Based on Section VIII of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and API standard 521, with support for ASME Sections I and III, SizeMaster calculates the pressure relief valve orifice area required to relieve any process scenario or combination of scenarios (such as blocked flow, fire vapor generation, or liquid expansion), under best-case and worst-case conditions.


While you are sizing a pressure relief valve – manipulating the process scenarios – SizeMaster shows you the formulas you are working on, any standards’ notes that are applicable to the calculation, and the values of all the variables relevant to each formula, including those calculated by SizeMaster.

SizeMaster also shows you the units applicable to each physical value in your calculation, such as ºF or in². You can change the display units (to ºC, for example) for each individual value or for all values of the same type.

The engineering worksheet engine also checks your parameters and all intermediate calculations against the standards’ constraints, and it tells you about any non-compliance that it encounters, such as attempting to size a conventional valve when a bellows valve is required. Once SizeMaster calculates the orifice area required to relieve your process scenarios, SizeMaster guides you through the selection of the appropriate Farris pressure relief valve and its materials and other options.

During selection, SizeMaster recommends the optimum pressure relief valve for each Farris valve series that is applicable to your process parameters.

SizeMaster covers the bases, from its Installation and Workstation Configuration Wizards through to its integrated database administration facilities.

SizeMaster supports networked database access – with a SizeMaster network license, your whole organization can share its work over a local area network. To further facilitate shared access, SizeMaster generates its reports in HTML, so they can be sent by email, viewed by Web browsers, and stored in Web-based document management systems. An email facility is accessible from all SizeMaster reports to provide direct access to this function, without leaving SizeMaster. A batch reports facility is also available, so you can spool the printing of reports for hundreds of tags in a single request.

SizeMaster follows all the Windows user interface conventions, so you already know how to use it. In addition, SizeMaster supports a variety of multitasking and other personal preferences that allow you to configure SizeMaster’s interface to best suit your working conditions and your hardware configuration. From 640 x 480 pixels with 256 colors to 1280 x 1024 pixels with 16×106 colors, whether you prefer the mouse or the keyboard, SizeMaster adapts to maximize your return on your resources.

And SizeMaster includes an on-line handbook integrated into the sizing and selection user interface, and an on-line interface to the SizeMaster Help Desk, so explanations, tutorials, and Help Desk assistance is never more than a click away.

Obtain a license

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