ValvTechnologies is the leading manufacturer of zero-leakage, severe service isolation valve solutions. ValvTechnologies provides an unsurpassed level of reliability to customers in the power, oil and gas, mining, hydrocarbon, pulp and paper and various specialty industries.

Farris Engineering

Farris Engineering has designed a wide range of safety relief valves for the specific needs of all industries. A complete offering of Spring-loaded and Pilot-operated relief valves provide safe and positive protection against overpressure situations. Farris provides products and engineering services to the Hydrocarbon processing, oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and general processing industries. Farris FAST network provides finished product and parts where and when you need them.

Continental Disc Corporation

Continental Disc Corporation manufactures rupture discs to our customers specifications to help protect vessels, equipment and systems against damaging overpressure situations. CDC manufactures Rupture Disc in sizes ranging from ½” to 36” in styles from Tension type to Reverse acting in virtually any pressure range and offers a vast material selection to meet any customers specification.
Groth Corporation

Groth Corporation

Manufacturers of low-pressure industrial pressure / vacuum relief valves, pilot-operated relief valves, tank-blanketing gas regulators and flame arrestors for the oil and gas, liquid storage, wastewater and chemical storage facilities. Groth products are designed to protect tanks from over-pressure and under-pressure situations, protection against fire hazards and minimizing overall emissions.
Dyna Flo


Dyna-Flo Control Valve Services is a North American manufacturer of control valve assemblies, actuation and instrumentation. Offering sliding-stem and rotary valves for any demanding process application requiring precise control and superior performance, Dyna-Flo’s complete line of pressure and level controllers and digital valve positioners compliment the valve control package to provide quality products with outstanding performance.
Trueline Valve Corporation

Trueline Valve Corporation

Trueline Valve Corporation is a leading manufacturer of industrial knife gate, butterfly and ball valves with superior quality and innovative designs. These valves are recognized globally for providing the performance necessary to keep your plant running safely at maximum efficiency. Furthermore, Trueline’s proprietary custom valves and technical expertise can satisfy the most severe customer applications.
SchuF Fetterolf

SchuF / Fetterolf

SchuF Fetterolf is an industrial valve company whose expertise is the design and manufacture of process critical valves. SchuF Fetterolf designs and manufactures industrial valves that control, isolate, divert, or sample gases, liquids, slurries or powders.

Bartec USA

Bartec a global leader in process heat management solutions for piping systems, valves, and tanks. We develop advanced thermal technologies for the world’s toughest industrial heating applications. Whether you need self-regulating, constant wattage or mineral insulated cable, Bartec has you covered for all your process and freeze protection needs.
Multi Instruments Instrumentation

Multi Instruments Instrumentation

Multi Instruments is your perfect partner for supply of manifolds, monoflanges, sunshades, electrical and steam heated instrument housings and other instrumentation and enclosure products.

Multi Instruments’ unique solution is our in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities for heated enclosures manifold and monoflange transmitter hook-ups. Now, one supplier can provide you with an engineered, tested and fully documented solution for any manifold – monoflange installation.

As a global operating company we are also committed to providing certifications for your projects in any part of the world, in any environment. From a simple pressure transmitter to a fully winterised flow or level installation, our turnkey solutions allow our customers to greatly reduce the costs and risks that today’s demanding projects often encounter.